Your Relationships

Your Relationships

We can provide you with comprehensive and timely assistance with your family law issues.

‘Family law’ is about the rules that govern the formation and breakdown of family relationships.

This includes divorce, the ending of a de facto relationship, how children are to be looked after, and how property is to be split between couples.

How we can help you

Our understanding and caring lawyers can assist you with your family’s needs, including the following services:

  • Pre-emptive advice – putting in place arrangements to pre-empt family law issues, for example, Binding Financial Agreements, or ‘pre-nups’;
  • Attending to formalities – helping you to finalise a personal relationship where the terms of the separation have been agreed, or are not likely to be disputed, including the preparation of divorce papers;
  • Property settlement negotiations – assisting you weigh up your options when dividing property and assets, including negotiating and finalising the terms of your settlement, whether by mediation or through Court; and
  • Advice about sophisticated business and investment structures – when you need specialist legal assistance and advice on the possible impact of your relationship breakdown on Business and Investment Structures, Business Succession and Estate Planning.
Sensitivity& Respect

We focus on guiding you through this time with sensitivity and professionalism.

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