Running a Business

Running a Business

Running a business can be a juggle, but it doesn’t have to be a circus

When you run your own business there can be many different responsibilities demanding your time and attention. Finding the right advisers for you and your business can be challenging.  We are experts in developing strategies to cut a clear path when business and law collide.

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How we can help you

We understand that your time is precious.  Our aim is to give you straightforward advice and definitive answers so that you can stay on top of these key issues that impact on the value you have already built up in your business:

  • Dealing with Customers;
  • Dealing with Employees;
  • Dealing with Regulators; and
  • Protecting the Value in your Business.

Dealing with your Customers

  • Preparing trading terms that are tailored to your particular industry & commercial objectives;
  • Providing legal assistance if you have customer-related issues including contractual disagreements, product & services complaints, warranty claims and allegations of breach of consumer guarantees or fair trading legislation;
  • Advising on legal matters that may impact on your marketing strategy including misleading & deceptive conduct, defamation, product safety and labelling; and
  • Assisting you with debt collection where your customers have failed to pay for goods or services that you have provided.

Dealing with your Employees

  • Checking that your arrangements with your employees are legally compliant including compliance with the National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, State-based legislation and with Australian workplace safety standards;
  • Assisting you to develop employment contracts and policies that are tailored to your particular industry and commercial objectives; and
  • Providing legal assistance if you have employee-related issues including claims for unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, or breach of employment standards. This may involve negotiating and finalising terms of settlement or representing your business at the Fair Work Commission, Court or a state-based tribunal.

Here’s 3 articles about employment issues to get you started

Dealing with Regulators

  • Helping you to develop business policies and strategies that comply with laws in Australia; and
  • Assisting you to manage and respond to reviews, investigations, audits or other enforcement activities undertaken by regulators including the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), State revenue offices, Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), Fair Work Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman, work safety regulators and local government bodies.

Protecting the Value in your Business

  • Preparing, reviewing and advising on arrangements between your business and its key suppliers & agents including distribution agreements, service & supply agreements and agency agreements.
  • Identifying and helping you to protect items of value in your business such as intellectual property (trade marks, confidential information), Personal Property Securities registrations, real property interests (commercial leases, sale & acquisition of land).
  • Assisting you to continually improve and realise the value in your business through bringing in new investors, the acquisition of new business interests, corporate restructures, Buy-Sell arrangements and business management advice.

We measure our success on how efficiently we have facilitated your commercial objectives, enhanced your relationships, and reduced the level of stress for all involved.

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