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Your business

We provide the legal framework on which successful entrepreneurs build their businesses.

If you have had much to do with lawyers, you may think we tend to get in the way of business outcomes, rather than facilitate them. As a profession, we are trained to see all things that can potentially go wrong. We are also a competitive bunch, and can sometimes get carried away trying to prove a legal point, rather than facilitate your commercial outcome.

We realise this, and we work really hard not to fall into these traps.

How we can help you

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Exiting your Business
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How we work

We help identify the potential risks, and work with you to assess their true materiality. We provide you with strategies to mitigate these risks, and then ultimately allocate any residual risks between the parties who have agreed to assume them.

While our main focus is on identifying ways to achieve your immediate aims, we also look for opportunities to lay the foundations for taking advantage of future opportunities. Sometimes it makes commercial sense to invest a little more upfront to save redoing things later on.

To the extent that negotiation is required, we are happy to be the bad guy. This doesn’t mean we will be aggressive. Quite the contrary – we see aggression as a sign of weakness, (and it usually is..). Because we are not one of the parties we can raise the hard issues in a relatively dispassionate way. We measure the success of your negotiation by the degree to which you have preserved, if not enhanced, your relationship with the other side.

Most importantly, we are genuinely interested in businesses, and how they work. We run our own law business, and hold equity in a number of other businesses. A number of our staff come from family business backgrounds.

We measure our success on how efficiently we have facilitated your commercial objectives, enhanced your relationships, and reduced the level of stress for all involved.

Understanding your objectives

We are happy to invest the time to understand your business and your objectives. In many cases we actually assist our clients better understand their own objectives. We ask the sometimes obvious, but often overlooked questions. Have you considered the impact of tax on how much you will walk away with? Have you thought about how you are going to get out of this deal if it doesn’t work out? Is your business ultimately going to be more successful after this transaction, or are you investing in your ego? Do you trust the person on the other side, and if not, why are you even contemplating this?

Why do we do this? Because if we don’t understand what you are trying to achieve we can’t put our advice into a practical context. We need to be able to distinguish between the real issues, and the noise. When we prepare a document for you, or enter into a negotiation, we want to avoid spending your money on irrelevant points. The better we understand your business, the better we can advise you about what to give away, and when to walk away.

When we understand what you want to achieve we can then apply our extensive experience and expertise to assist you make it happen.

To get us involved in the success of your business, call Andrew on 1300 654 590.

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