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What is this seminar about?

Do you own a business that you are looking to sell one day?

Have you thought about taking over someone else’s business?

Do you advise people about these issues?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then this seminar is for you.

In this seminar we will provide practical guidance to the key issues, including:

  • What does the purchase/sale process involve – from start to finnish?
  • How should I address the issue of ‘value’?
  • What are the real differences between an ‘asset sale’ and an ‘equity sale’?
  • If I am buying or selling, how should the deal be structured, and what am I missing out on if I do not get my way?
  • What if I am only buying/selling part of a business, what are the implications?
  • What documents are involved, and what key terms should I be looking for?
  • How to post-acquisition adjustments work under either a business or entity sale?
  • How are ‘due diligence’ and ‘warranties’ related?
  • What happens to employees and their entitlements?
  • If I am providing or receiving vendor funding, how should it be structured?
  • Should I be giving/getting a ‘restraint of trade’, for how long, and do they really hold up?
  • Where do things go wrong?

This seminar will provide a mix of broad commercial principles, as well as some detail around the key legal issues you should be thinking about.

Who should attend?

This seminar is aimed at:

  • Businesspeople looking to buy or sell a business; and
  • Advisers who assist businesspeople with this sort of transaction

Who is the speaker?

Andrew Andreyev

Andrew holds Bachelor degrees in commerce and law from Adelaide University, as well as a Masters of Law (in taxation and international law) from Melbourne University. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Taxation Institute of Australia, a Fellow of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and a member of the Law Society of NSW. Andrew is admitted to practice law in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Learn more about Andrew here.

What is the format?

The seminar will take the form of a practical case study.

Breakfast and coffee will be served from 7.00 am – with the seminar to commence at 7.30am (sharp). The seminar will conclude at 9.00am.

Due to the size of the venue, seats are limited.

Do I get CPD credits?

If you are an accountant, financial planner or lawyer required to undertake compulsory professional development and training, your attendance at this seminar will count towards 1.5 hours of this requirement.

Need more information?

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