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  • Podcast - Challenging a Will

Podcast: Challenging a Will

Hear Andrew Andreyev on ABC Radio 891 Drive-time in Adelaide discuss when and how a Will may be challenged.

  • Podcast: Employees v. Contractors

Podcast: Employees v. Contractors

Hear Andrew Andreyev on ABC Radio 891 Drive-time in Adelaide discuss the differences between 'employees' and 'independent contractors'.

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  • Learning how to learn

Learning how to learn

We think 'learning how to learn' is perhaps the most important meta skill you can acquire. Why - because effective learning enables you to effectively respond to change - and your ability to respond to change is the number one (and perhaps only) thing that will determine your longer term success.

  • Andreyev Book Review

The benefit of errors

I have been reading a series of books about what at first appeared to be unrelated topics. Neuroscience, talent (or the lack thereof), checklists, decision-making, and high performance teams. While not a common theme on the face of each book – an underlying principle in all of them is the importance of mistakes and errors.

  • Andreyev Movie Review

Jerry Maguire [the movie] (1996)

By definition, and depending upon who you're talking to, `Success' can be measured in a number of different ways. It's winning the competition, celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversary or, to many, just making the most [...]