9 10, 2018

Use our ‘departing employees’ checklist to protect your business


The departure of an employee can be a difficult time for your business.  It is also a time that your business is exposed to the potential for real damage. If you establish a clear and consistent process for departing employees, you can protect your business and minimise the impact on staff and customers. Use our ‘departing employees’ checklist to protect your business.

Use our ‘departing employees’ checklist to protect your business2019-09-17T08:11:58+09:30
14 09, 2018

The key steps to successfully sell your business


We have written a lot of technical stuff about selling a business. But we’re finding that more and more people want to understand the best high-level strategy to actually conclude a deal. This article sets out the key steps.

The key steps to successfully sell your business2019-09-17T07:59:52+09:30
27 08, 2018

Q&A – How do pre-emption rights work?


Most Shareholder Agreements, Constitutions and Partnership Agreements provide 'pre-emption' rights. These are rights that require someone wanting to sell an interest in the enterprise, to first offer the interest to the other equity holders. But they do not necessarily require the majority to buy.

Q&A – How do pre-emption rights work?2018-12-13T13:11:39+09:30
21 08, 2018

Andrew’s 2nd interview with Kym Nitschke from ‘Accounting Insider’ Podcast


In this follow up interview Andrew talks about mind mapping, making decisions, origins, guiding principals, channelling "Diver Dan", life balance, running a high-performance law firm, scaling systems and developing in-house web apps with Ukranian programmers! Missed the 1st interview?

Andrew’s 2nd interview with Kym Nitschke from ‘Accounting Insider’ Podcast2018-08-22T07:54:39+09:30
15 08, 2018

Privacy Policy


Andreyev (Adelaide) Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 16 994 767 151) and Andreyev (Sydney) Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 29 697 640 228) trading as Andreyev Lawyers (we, us and our) provides legal services and related information including on our website located at www.andreyev.com.au (Website). This Privacy Policy explains our approach to dealing with your Personal Information. We set [...]

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14 08, 2018

The commoditisation of everything


There really is only one sustainable career or endeavour – commoditisation. This is the work of taking something requiring high levels of knowledge, experience and creativity, and turning it into something that a novice can easily do for themselves, for free. If you want to maintain and grow your real value over an extended period, that is it. There is nothing else.

The commoditisation of everything2019-09-17T08:14:26+09:30
21 05, 2018

What is Division 7A really all about?


If you have a company then you have probably sat in a meeting with your accountant and heard the phrase 'that may raise Division 7A issues'. Everyone usually then grumbles and nodes wisely, and moves on...  But you may be asking yourself, 'what the hell is Division 7A all about?' Glad you asked.

What is Division 7A really all about?2019-09-17T08:15:03+09:30
9 05, 2018

Does the 2018 Budget really impact testamentary trusts?


The Government has announced a 'tax integrity' measure to 'improve' the taxation of testamentary trusts. What impact does this potentially have on your estate planning strategies?

Does the 2018 Budget really impact testamentary trusts?2019-09-17T08:16:58+09:30
4 05, 2018

My trust is expiring – can I get an extension?


We all love our trusts, but unfortunately they don't last forever. They have an ‘expiry date’.  When you reach this date, the Trust ends and its property must be distributed to beneficiaries. Before this time you need to consider who will be entitled to the assets, and what tax and stamp duty liabilities may be triggered. You also need to see if the date can be extended...

My trust is expiring – can I get an extension?2019-09-17T08:17:19+09:30
20 04, 2018

Forcing a sale of property in NSW


It's relatively easy to get into property ownership with someone. But it can be considerably harder to get out. Particularly if you don't have a co-ownership agreement in place. Find out what court remedies may be available to you NSW if you find yourself stuck in a property.

Forcing a sale of property in NSW2018-06-14T15:53:17+09:30