Provide money to your kids, without losing it if they get divorced.

You want to provide your kids with financial support to take their next step in life.

But you’re concerned that if you help them out, and they split up with their partner, half of your cash will walk out the door.

Andreyev Lawyers will help you provide financial support to your children in a protected way.

You can then proudly stand back and watch your kids move forward with confidence.

Help your children get ahead.

Protect your wealth from unjust claims.

Ensure your family’s long term financial security.

These days it’s really hard for people to meet their everyday needs, let alone get ahead.

You want to use some of your surplus wealth to help your children take their next step in life. Whether it be buying a home, starting a business, or getting more educated.

But you also don’t want them to blow it, lose it to a creditor, or end up giving half away to a former partner.

We will help you document your financial support to your children as a secured advance, so if something goes wrong, you can step in and protect it.


Will your children be able to afford anything like the lifestyle that you now take for granted?

You’re the parents of young adult children.

You have worked hard and it has paid off. You’re financially comfortable. Your kids, on the other hand, are facing insurmountable obstacles to affording even the basics of a middle-class life.

You want to help them out by giving them some money, but you’re concerned that they will either fritter the funds, or someone else will end up with your wealth. Will a third-party creditor wipe them out? If they split up with their partner, will they just end up back where they started?

If you just give the money to your children, then chances are the funds will be wasted or lost, and won’t have the long-term impact that you intend.

Leaving things to chance is not an option.

You want to provide some financial assistance to your children, but you’re concerned that it will be wasted or lost to some third-party claim.

If you simply gift money to your children, then anyone with a current or future claim against your child will easily be able to take those funds.

The result is that neither you nor your child will have the benefit of your hard-earned wealth.


How we will help

Rather than simply ‘gifting’ them the funds, and exposing the money to third-party claims, we will document your support in the form of a secured loan.

If something goes wrong in your child’s life, you will be able to step in and protect that wealth from third-party claims. When the risk has passed, you can advance the funds again to your child to put them back on their feet.

With your financial support, your children will be able to take their next step in life. With our documentation in place, you will be able to confidently sit back, relax, and watch them thrive.

Your path to generosity without the sting

Follow these simple steps to provide your children with the support they need. Let’s get started.

Contact us

Call now and speak directly to one of our experienced lawyers. We will take the time to clearly understand your concerns and what you want to achieve.

Formulate a strategy

We will formulate a clear strategy for you to advance funds to your children in a secure and protected manner.

Document the plan

We will then thoroughly document the arrangement in a compliant form that will stand up to attack.

Take decisive action today to assist your kids without exposing your hard-earned wealth to unnecesary risk.

Our team is fiercely on your side

We understand that your children need extra support to get ahead. To have any chance of enjoying the sort of lifestyle that you benefited from.

You want to be there and support them, but it would be wrong to see your hard-earned wealth frittered away or end up in the hands of some random third party.

Over the past 25 years, we have helped many successful people like you provide meaningful financial support to the next generation, in both a purposeful and protected way.

Our lawyers include Accredited Specialists in Business Law, Fellows of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and Accredited Family Business Advisers.

We will support you through the process, from beginning to end.

Kasia Maczuga

Kasia Maczuga


Kirsten Shields

Kirsten Shields


Aleina Dearden

Aleina Dearden


Our team will work hard to make sure you are supported, while together we work to secure your family’s financial future.

We understand you want to know the cost to get us involved, before we get started.

We will map out our process, from beginning to end, so you know what the journey will look like before you get started.

We will provide you with a clear and detailed Work Proposal covering each step along the way.

Our fair fees are all-inclusive. No hidden costs for telephone calls, emails, photocopying, couriers, or coffee.

Our Great Lawyer Guarantee

We want to be part of your team over the long term. We achieve this by adhering to these core principles:

Take the time

We listen carefully to understand what you want to achieve. Then we thoroughly explain our advice and step you through the documents. You can be sure you know the full consequences.​

Share our knowledge

We will pass on as much knowledge as we can, so you can make your own informed decisions. We want to make you truly independent.

Stick to our knitting

We only do what we’re good at. You can be confident that we know what we’re doing and don’t pass on the cost of our learning.

Work as one team

Someone will always be available to answer your questions, or point you in the right direction. You will also benefit from a range of perspectives and experience.

Fair pricing

For advice and documents,
we provide a fixed or capped quote so you don’t take price risk. If you’re in a dispute, we map out the process and costs so you know what to expect.

It’s your show

We’re not in this for our egos. We’re in it for a front row seat to witness your success.

Above all, we promise to always be fiercely on your side.

About Us

Andreyev Lawyers delivers actionable legal advice that helps our client to thrive.

Our goal is to empower you to make the best decisions you can – for yourself and your family.

As your fiercest ally, we give you the confidence and support to minimise risk and seize every opportunity.

Read more about us here.


Take the first step

Call us today to book an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers.

We’ll discuss what concrete action you can take to support your kids and protect your wealth.

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You should be able to help your kids out financially without worrying that your hard-earned wealth with end up in the hands of third parties.

We will help you keep your wealth within your bloodline. Where it belongs.