Property & Assets

Property & Assets

Buying property and accumulating assets can be rewarding.  We are passionate about helping you realise your property investment goals sooner and providing a service that is prompt and proactive.

Whether it’s a family home, investment property, development project, rural property or other assets such as motor vehicles, livestock and machinery, we can help you buy, sell, lease and protect your property.

How we can help you

Our conveyancing and legal staff can professionally assist you with your property needs, including the following services:

  • Conveyancing One Stop Shop – for all your real estate transaction needs, we offer a personalised service that aims to make transactions as simple and straight-forward as possible; and
  • Specialist Property Services – when you need specialist legal advice about your property strategy, negotiations, rights and disputes.

We offer comprehensive property services.  Call us now on 1300 654 590 and we’d love to help you get that deal across the line.

Conveyancing One Stop Shop

Our approach to conveyancing has always been a personal one. Our aim is to keep your transaction as simple and straight-forward as possible. You don’t have to wait until you are ready to sign the contract – it makes sense to select your conveyancer as soon as you decide to buy or sell.

We can help you:

  • Purchase and sell property, including into your super fund;
  • Acquire and sell investment and commercial properties;
  • Family transfers of property;
  • Guide you through small to medium scale subdivisions and developments;
  • Property searching;
  • Community title applications;
  • Land divisions;
  • Leases;
  • Powers of Attorney (including registration at the Lands Titles Office);
  • Caveats to protect an interest in land;
  • Company title/strata conversions/conversions of strata to community title; and
  • Most other real property transactions.

As part of the above processes, we will:

  • Oversee the legal and statutory processes required to transfer ownership of the property from one person to another;
  • Help you prepare, execute, verify and lodge the necessary legal documents;
  • Co-ordinate the transaction, and lead you through the necessary steps;
  • Assist you to meet your legal obligations and protect your rights and interests; and
  • Advise you about anything impacting on your property.

Before getting started, we provide you with a fixed price quote so you can be sure that our services provide great value for money.

Andreyev Lawyers has experienced conveyancing staff ready to promptly meet your property and conveyancing needs.  Please call us now on 1300 654 590.

Specialist Property Services

On occasions some conveyancing work can involve more complex issues. As a division of Andreyev Lawyers, all our conveyancing staff are supervised by qualified solicitors. This means that prompt legal advice is on hand if needed.

In addition to our conveyancing services we offer comprehensive legal services to help you achieve your property goals.  We can assist you to:

  • Buy property with other people, including documenting your Co-Ownership Agreement;
  • Prepare Loan, Mortgage, Security and other Funding Agreements;
  • Set up family trusts and unit trusts as property investment vehicles;
  • Deal with GST, stamp duty and land tax;
  • Put in place leasing and tenancy arrangements, and then deal with any ongoing issues;
  • Prepare commercial lease documents and provide advice in relation to leasing issues or disputes;
  • Implement a succession strategy so that you have a clear plan for passing on ownership of your property interests; and
  • Deal with your interests in rural land and land development projects, including inter-family transfers and joint venture agreements.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to assist you with your property, call us now on 1300 654 590.  We’d love to help.

Property & Assets