Notarial services (SA)

What is a notary public?

Notaries are experienced lawyers who are trained and qualified to certify and witness documents for use overseas.

They have the same professional duties to you as lawyers, including confidentiality and ethical obligations.

Why might you need a document notarised?

Notarisation is an official process to provide assurance that a document is authentic and can be trusted.

You may need a document notarised if:

  • It is an Australian document that you intend to send overseas
  • It is an overseas document that must be witnessed by a notary public

What is an apostille and legalisation?

An apostille is a stamp, seal or certificate to confirm the authority of the notary public who has witnessed or certified the document.

In Australia, apostilles are affixed to notarised documents by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). DFAT charges a fee for each apostille.

Legalisation is an additional process when the document relates to a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention. In Australia, legalisation is also performed by DFAT.

What is the process to see a notary?

1. Provide us with a copy of your document or documents to ensure the notary is able to witness or certify it.

2. If the document is in another language, it will need to be translated into English by a NAATI-qualified translator. This usually takes a few days and should be done before we meet. You can engage the translator directly, or we can assist you.

3. Ensure you have 100 points of identification. A current passport and driver’s licence is suitable. A combination of other identity documents can be used if you do not have a passport or driver’s licence.

4. Arrange an appointment with us.

5. Pre-book an appointment with the Adelaide passport office of DFAT. We can assist you with the DFAT apostille/legalisation process if you prefer (see below for our fees).

6. Attend our appointment with your ID and the document or documents you need notarised (along with any translations).

7. Take your notarised document to DFAT for apostille/legalisation.

What are our fees?

We charge the following fees per engagement:

Description Fee (incl GST)
First document $440
Each additional document $220
Assisting with apostille/legalisation $165

Our fees include opening and maintaining your file, confirming your identity, and preparing a notarial certificate to accompany the document.


To make an appointment

Both Andrew Andreyev and Louise Russo are qualified public notaries.

If you would like to make an appointment for our notarial services, please contact Louise on 0406 410 878 or by email to

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