Restructuring your Not for ProfitOrganisation

Restructuring your Organisation

The most successful organisations continually evolve to remain relevant and effective.

Not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) and charities pursue a purpose rather than a profit. Social Enterprises often pursue both.  They all need to continually adapt and respond to changing community needs.

If your NFP, charity or social enterprise is going through a time of transition, we can help.

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How we can help you

We can help you get the best out of your organisation, including:

  • Determining and implementing the best funding strategy for your NFP, charity or social enterprise;
  • Changing the legal structure of your organisation, while ensuring your existing funding sources, registrations and tax concessions remain intact;
  • Collaborating with other organisations through strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers and amalgamations; and
  • Helping your organisation to wind up its operations when its purpose has been fulfilled.