Reach a fair financial settlement with your ex-partner.

Are you at the end of your relationship, and wanting to gain financial independence?

Andreyev Lawyers will help you enter a property settlement, so you can sever financial ties with your former partner, and move on with your new life.

We’ll ensure you get your fair share.

Understand what your financial future will look like.

Let us handle the difficult discussions with your former partner.

Avoid leaving any costly loose ends.

Secure a solid financial base on which to build your new life.

Do you know how much wealth you have, where your wealth is, and what share you are entitled to?

Andreyev Lawyers will help get the information you need to negotiate a fair property settlement.

We will objectively assess the extent of your family’s wealth, and investigate how your wealth is structured (in terms who owns what, and where).

We will then provide you with clear guidance as to what you are entitled to, and an effective strategy to make it happen.

Having efficiently extracted your fair-share of your family’s finances, you will be able to move forward and take full financial control of your new life.


How long is your property settlement going to take? Where do you start?

You’ve left your partner, but you haven’t yet split-up your finances.

Reaching a successful property settlement requires you to work out how big your family’s ‘financial pot’ is, and what share you’re rightfully entitled to.

You then need to successfully negotiate for your share, and formalise a legally binding settlement.

Finally, you must step through the legal hurdles to move the assets and liabilities to where you have agreed.

Will you get what you are entitled to? Will you be left with enough money to maintain yourself and fund your new life? You want to avoid a drawn-out and expensive process. You want to move on.

Everyone is entitled to their financial freedom. You should end up with enough to move on and build a better life.

No matter how amicable things may appear; your partner will be looking to maximise their share of the pot.

You only get one shot at setting yourself up for financial independence.

If you don’t have a very clear picture of your family’s finances, you will be negotiating with one hand tied behind your back.

Every day you delay in taking decisive action is a day of lost financial freedom. Don’t remain stuck in a relationship that is stifling you emotionally, just because you are not sure whether you can afford to leave.

Take action now, and move on, on your terms.

Thank you to Marie and Andreyev Lawyers for bringing my property settlement to an end.

It’s been a complex and often arduous process but I greatly valued your technical expertise and particularly appreciated your sympathetic approach.

I gladly recommend your services to others.

Family Law Client

How we can help

We will identify the extent of your family’s wealth, advise you about what you are entitled to, and then negotiate and document the deal. With our support, you will get a good financial settlement.

We will guide you through the pros and cons of different options, including BFAs, Consent Orders and property and financial hearings.

We will provide you with the knowledge, support, and strength to ensure you get the share you deserve.

With your new-found financial independence, you will be set to embark on your new life, on a solid financial foundation.

Reaching a fair property settlement with your ex-partner won’t happen by itself.

It’s going to take a lot of grit and resolve on your part to achieve the right outcome.


Cases where financially dependent spouse got more than 60%.


Average division to the financially dependant spouse.


Separations and divorces involving children under 18.


Family Court orders made by 'consent' (agreement).


Consent order applications formalised in under 6 months.

Your path to financial independence

Follow these simple steps to get what you deserve and lay the foundations of your financial freedom. Let’s get started.


You speak directly to our expert family lawyers. We help you understand the issues, clarify what you need to do, and address any specific concerns you may have.


We will work with you to formulate a clear plan, including what actions and strategies we recommend you take to achieve the best outcome.


We will then negotiate on your behalf. If your ex-partner doesn’t come to the party, we will go to Court and get it for you.


With your deal in hand, we will ensure the assets and liabilities end up where agreed. You can then start your new life with confidence.

Take decisive action today to ensure your financial freedom.

Our Team is fiercely on your side

You’ve taken the hard emotional step in deciding to leave your partner. You now need to secure your financial future.

We understand that you need to extract every cent you can to maintain an appropriate lifestyle, for both you and your family. You need to make this negotiation count.

Over the past 20 years we have helped people just like you secure their financial future.

We will support you through the process, from beginning to end.

Marie Hayer

Marie Hayer

Special Counsel


Catherine Fairlie

Catherine Fairlie

Senior Lawyer


Frances Raynham

Frances Raynham



Our team will work hard to make sure you are supported, while together we work to secure your financial future.

We understand you want to know the cost to get us involved, before we get started.

We will map out your family property settlement process, from beginning to end, so you know what the journey will look like before you get started.

We will provide you with clear and detailed Work Proposals for each step in the process.

Our fair fees are all-inclusive. No hidden costs for telephone calls, emails, photocopying, couriers, or coffee.

My life as I knew it was completely turned upside. An interstate friend gave me Marie’s name. I will be forever grateful that I called Marie.

Not only did she speak to me about my case for the first time literally days before Christmas, I instantly felt at ease with her professionalism and knowledge.

I meet with Marie and Catherine a few weeks later in Andreyev Lawyers office. I brought with me a full folder of documentation prepared by my previous representation. This did not deter Marie (or Catherine). They simply took it all in their stride and proposed a plan in our very first meeting of what to do moving forward. For the first time in a long time I felt optimistic about what might lie ahead.

The next 11 months would see these two remarkable women represent me through court hearings, correspondence and negotiation via the phone and email. Not only did I have esteemed representation, they made me feel at ease and informed me every step of the way of this long and draining process. Even when I thought things look bleak, they were solid as a rock and confident in moving forward. Every question I had was answered. Any concern I had quickly disappeared with such efficiency and expertise regarding parenting and property. No matter what I knew they had my back.

The outcome was more than I could have ever hoped. My thanks to Marie, Catherine and Andreyev Lawyers.

Family Law Client

Our Great Lawyer Guarantee

We want to be part of your team over the long term. We achieve this by adhering to these core principles:

Take the time

We listen carefully to understand what you want to achieve. Then we thoroughly explain our advice and step you through the documents. You can be sure you know the full consequences.​

Share our knowledge

We will pass on as much knowledge as we can, so you can make your own informed decisions. We want to make you truly independent.

Stick to our knitting

We only do what we’re good at. You can be confident that we know what we’re doing and don’t pass on the cost of our learning.

Work as one team

Someone will always be available to answer your questions, or point you in the right direction. You will also benefit from a range of perspectives and experience.

Fair pricing

For advice and documents,
we provide a fixed or capped quote so you don’t take price risk. If you’re in a dispute, we map out the process and costs so you know what to expect.

It’s your show

We’re not in this for our egos. We’re in it for a front row seat to witness your success.

Above all, we promise to always be fiercely on your side.

About Us

Andreyev Lawyers delivers actionable legal advice that helps our client to thrive.

Our goal is to empower you to make the best decisions you can – for yourself and your family.

As your fiercest ally, we give you the confidence and support to minimise risk and seize every opportunity.

As Accredited Specialists in Family Law, we help resolve property settlements – efficiently and fairly.

Specialist Accreditation Family Law

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If you would like a confidential chat with one of our experienced family lawyers, please get in touch.

We would love to be part of your team.

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Leaving a partner is one of the most daunting things anyone can do. It’s hard enough emotionally, particularly when kids are involved. But if your family’s wealth is tied up in investment and business structures, then practical things like understanding how wealthy you are, and getting enough money to move on, look almost impossible.

Andreyev Lawyers will help you get the resources you deserve to be able to take back control of your life and move on with confidence. We understand investment and business structures, tax laws and financial accounts, so we won’t be snowed by your partner’s accountant.

We’ll find where the wealth is buried and ensure you get your fair share.