Domestic Tax

Domestic tax

We believe it is simply not possible to advise on the most appropriate way to achieve a corporate or commercial aim without a strong understanding of our taxation laws. Our extensive experience and expertise in the area of taxation forms a solid base on which we build our corporate and commercial solutions.

We can help you structure and, where necessary, restructure your business transactions with a sensitivity to tax issues, and then negotiate and document the legal aspects of the deal.

We have particular experience in the following areas:

Structuring your business

We can help you pick the most appropriate structure through which to conduct your business (whether you are a start-up or a more established business), with a view to promoting longer-term commercial flexibility and minimising tax.

Restructuring your business

Sometimes is it necessary to restructure your business, to adapt to changing circumstances, optimise commercial flexibility and keep up to date with our rapidly changing tax laws.

Buying and selling a business

We can assist you with the full breadth of corporate, commercial and tax issues associated with mergers, acquisitions, disposals, buy-outs, strategic investments and joint ventures, including negotiating and documenting the legal aspects of the deal.

Investing into a businesses

We regularly help clients prepare their business for outside investment, assisting both the business and the investors correctly document their equity transactions – both private and public.

Asset and wealth protection

Establishing structures through which to hold investments and accumulate wealth is part of our daily routine. When doing this we balance the sometimes competing considerations of wealth creation, tax minimisation and asset protection.

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