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I’m an executor, what do I do?

Disputes involving executors of deceased estates are increasing. Usually, a trusted family member or friend appointed as an executor is just trying to do the right thing by their loved one. So, what are they doing wrong? Read on to find out how you must perform your duties as an executor.

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Supportive and empathetic, providing timely advice and guidance

Andreyev Lawyers - supportive and empathetic. This was a difficult process but Andreyev Lawyers provided timely advice and guidance and I was confident that they were doing their upmost.

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A rant on challenging Wills

A few judges and populist politicians have recently made some snarly comments about lawyers and ‘greedy’ people who are challenging Wills. Apparently, as a profession, we are getting a bit of ahead of ourselves in bringing too many of these cases to court. Read this article to get informed about the debate.

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Who gets the farm?

Do you have the right to determine who inherits your farm? The short answer is 'not necessarily', but there are things you can do to increase the chances of your wishes being upheld.

Death and child provision. Do you understand what happens?

The effect of death on 'Child Support Agreements' and 'Binding Financial Agreements' can be a little complicated - but more importantly, can have unintended consequences for your Estate Planning.

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Not happy with someones Will? Read how to make a successful challenge.

There are two main ways to challenge a Will. We discuss what they are.

Superannuation and Family Provision Claims in NSW

Since the introduction of the ‘Notional Estate’ principle into the model succession law in NSW, some 'asset structures' are no longer effective to avoid assets being dragged into a squabble over a Will.

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