5 04, 2019

2019 Budget Impact Summary: Surplus to requirements?


As a general rule, Budgets try to please as many people as possible, and upset as few as possible.  This strategy is even more important for a Budget in an election year - when short-term memories are still likely to be working on polling day.

2019 Budget Impact Summary: Surplus to requirements?2019-04-05T11:26:05+09:30
28 12, 2017

Podcast Review: Rhonda Patrick with Satchin Panda on biological clocks


In this podcast Dr Rhonda Patrick interviews Dr Satchin Panda on 'biological clocks' and the circadian rhythm. This material has day-to-day application for all of us - how to sleep better, eat better and generally optimise things with nothing more than a better understanding of how important our body clocks are to our general overall health.

Podcast Review: Rhonda Patrick with Satchin Panda on biological clocks2017-12-29T13:22:23+09:30
28 12, 2017

Podcast Review: Kevin Rose with author of ‘Code of Trust’ Robin Deeke


In this interview Kevin Rose talks with Robin Deeke, an FBI counterintelligence agent, who has written a book called the Code of Trust

Podcast Review: Kevin Rose with author of ‘Code of Trust’ Robin Deeke2017-12-28T09:54:03+09:30
23 02, 2016

Fixed term contracts masterclass


In Australia, there are 3 main types of employment contracts: permanent (full-time or part-time), casual, and fixed term (whether full-time or part-time). This article focuses on fixed term contracts.

Fixed term contracts masterclass2017-11-18T08:33:22+09:30
6 04, 2013

The benefit of errors


I have been reading a series of books about what at first appeared to be unrelated topics. Neuroscience, talent (or the lack thereof), checklists, decision-making, and high performance teams. While not a common theme on the face of each book – an underlying principle in all of them is the importance of mistakes and errors.

The benefit of errors2018-07-06T08:59:19+09:30
31 03, 2013

People who influence us


Nassim Taleb, philosopher As you will see in this post, we like TED talks.  However, we like Nassim Taleb even more. And despite the fact that Nassim gave a talk at the 2008 TED conference, you will not find it on the web.  Maybe because he has accused TED of ‘intellectual dishonesty and lack [...]

People who influence us2019-02-14T09:41:26+09:30
28 02, 2013

Adelaide’s cellar door, next door


We love our wine here at Andreyev Lawyers, so when Adelaide’s first wine only bar opened recently, we had to check it out. Twice. Cantina Sociale is one of a handful of small venues in Adelaide that has opened recently in the lead up to the small venue liquor licensing laws, which were passed on [...]

Adelaide’s cellar door, next door2020-05-20T12:39:40+09:30
8 07, 2012

The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty, by Dan Ariely


How we lie to everyone – especially ourselves. Dan Ariely ‘Behavioural economics’ is basically the study of how humans really act, as opposed to how we think we act, or think we should act. Most of Western philosophy and social science (including law) is based on the notion that we are ‘rational’ [...]

The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty, by Dan Ariely2017-11-20T09:35:57+09:30