7 05, 2020

Debt collection for Private Schools


Schools and other education providers are just like any other business in our community - and are being hit hard by the harsh economic reality that is now upon us. We can help guide you through this new economic landscape with a compassionate, yet effective, debt collection strategy.

Debt collection for Private Schools2020-05-18T08:17:53+09:30
28 04, 2020

Can you get out of a standard-form contract?


So you're in a contract you want to get out of and not sure what do to. Terminating an agreement is never easy, but there are some practical steps you can take.

Can you get out of a standard-form contract?2020-04-29T13:07:23+09:30
21 11, 2017

What happens when someone leaves a partnership?


What law governs partnerships? Partnerships are governed by a number of different laws. Fundamentally, a partnership is a creature of contract law. This means that the parties to a partnership can agree how the partnership will be regulated. When you have any questions about your partnership, your Partnership Agreement should be the first place [...]

What happens when someone leaves a partnership?2020-04-19T08:03:38+09:30