7 03, 2017

“Show me the money!”: Tread carefully with loans to children


People are more aware – and wary – than ever of family law issues in relation to their assets. More and more couples seek binding financial agreements to protect their assets, or put off living together or marrying to minimise their financial exposure.

“Show me the money!”: Tread carefully with loans to children2017-11-17T17:04:42+00:00
2 11, 2016

What to pack? Our 7 steps to leaving a relationship


Your relationship is over, and you want out. But you aren’t sure what you need to organise before you leave. Hopefully this doesn't sound familiar - but if it does, we recommend you read-on... In this article we set out our 7 steps to leaving, which we hope will help you through this difficult transition. These steps will also help someone assisting a relative, friend or client through this process.

What to pack? Our 7 steps to leaving a relationship2017-11-17T17:09:29+00:00
12 08, 2016

Separation and your estate planning


When you are separating for your spouse or partner, it's easy to get bogged down in negotiations about your kids and dividing up your property. But don't forget your estate planning - otherwise you may just end up leaving your former partner the biggest gift of them all.

Separation and your estate planning2019-02-20T08:55:34+00:00
19 07, 2016

Divorce for dummies: A 3-step guide


Divorce is the legal process that formally ends a marriage. In practical terms, it is often the easiest part of a separation - but perhaps one of the more emotionally charged. Read on for a brief overview of the divorce procedure.

Divorce for dummies: A 3-step guide2017-11-17T16:58:47+00:00
6 05, 2016

How does divorce or separation affect your Will in South Australia?


Unlike divorce, marriage separation does not have an effect on your Will. For this reason, the period of separation that occurs prior to divorce is possibly one of the most important times to ensure your Will reflects your changed circumstances.

How does divorce or separation affect your Will in South Australia?2016-08-06T07:52:03+00:00
1 02, 2013

Death and child provision. Do you understand what happens?


The effect of death on 'Child Support Agreements' and 'Binding Financial Agreements' can be a little complicated - but more importantly, can have unintended consequences for your Estate Planning.

Death and child provision. Do you understand what happens?2017-11-20T07:59:16+00:00
20 10, 2012

Podcast: ‘Binding Financial Agreements’ (or ‘pre-nups’)


Hear Andrew Andreyev on ABC Radio 891 Drive-time in Adelaide discuss what are 'Binding Financial Agreements', when can they be used, what do they achieve, and when can they be challenged.

Podcast: ‘Binding Financial Agreements’ (or ‘pre-nups’)2017-11-20T08:14:49+00:00
18 10, 2012

Binding Financial Agreements – The basics


A ‘Binding Financial Agreement’ is a way for couples to put in writing what they would like to happen to their property if their relationship breaks down, or if their relationship has already broken down and can avoid costly disputes.

Binding Financial Agreements – The basics2019-02-01T07:54:03+00:00