30 03, 2020

How to control a family trust when you die – our free downloadable Guide


Download our comprehensive guide to controlling your family trust.

How to control a family trust when you die – our free downloadable Guide2020-04-29T09:24:13+09:30
22 11, 2019

Our answers to your top 5 questions about Private Ancillary Funds


Do you want to be more strategic in your charitable giving, make a real impact on the community and create a lasting legacy as part of your family’s story? Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) can be a great option to achieve these goals. To help you decided whether PAF is right for you, we’ve pulled together our answers to 5 questions we are frequently asked by those considering establishing a PAF.

Our answers to your top 5 questions about Private Ancillary Funds2019-11-22T07:45:18+09:30
6 03, 2018

Are you ready to sell your business?


If you're thinking of selling your business, we bet there are 2 key outcomes you are looking for: 1. Getting the highest purchase price possible; and 2. Being able to make a clean break from the business, so you can think about something else (and maybe even relax or take a holiday). These outcomes are both realistic and achievable, but it will take some planning before you put the business up for sale.

Are you ready to sell your business?2019-09-17T08:18:06+09:30
21 11, 2017

What happens when someone leaves a partnership?


What law governs partnerships? Partnerships are governed by a number of different laws. Fundamentally, a partnership is a creature of contract law. This means that the parties to a partnership can agree how the partnership will be regulated. When you have any questions about your partnership, your Partnership Agreement should be the first place [...]

What happens when someone leaves a partnership?2020-07-08T20:13:57+09:30
28 02, 2017

‘UPEs’ and ‘FMDs’, and your estate planning


What is, and what is not, in your personal estate? This may sound like a academic question not worthy of a lot of thought. However, if you are in estate planning mode, it is critical that you answer this question correctly.

‘UPEs’ and ‘FMDs’, and your estate planning2017-11-17T17:05:45+09:30
16 11, 2015

Who gets the farm?


Do you have the right to determine who inherits your farm? The short answer is 'not necessarily', but there are things you can do to increase the chances of your wishes being upheld.

Who gets the farm?2017-11-18T08:38:02+09:30
25 06, 2015

Business succession and your super fund


Sometimes people look to their super fund as a means of funding life insurance for a business buy-sell arrangement. This is possible, but there are some tricks and traps to be aware of...

Business succession and your super fund2017-11-18T09:06:44+09:30
18 07, 2013

Will you ever realise the value within your business?


If you’re like me you pour your life and soul into building your business. But when did you last stop and ask yourself, ‘What for?’ If, like me, being in control of your financial destiny is important to you, then it's important to make sure that the value of your business is protected if something unexpected happens.

Will you ever realise the value within your business?2017-11-20T07:38:34+09:30
27 01, 2013

Buy-Sell Agreements Seminar – August 2012


Get a copy of our detailed Seminar Paper and Slides from our August 2012 Seminar on the value of Buy-Sell Agreements.

Buy-Sell Agreements Seminar – August 20122018-09-25T11:36:26+09:30
27 01, 2013

Taming the ‘Seven Dogs’ of business succession planning


No matter what type of business you're in, it's important to protect yourself against the unexpected - what we refer to as the "Seven Dogs": Death, Disability, Divorce, Default, Departure, Disagreement and Deadlock.

Taming the ‘Seven Dogs’ of business succession planning2019-02-01T07:19:17+09:30
1 09, 2012

What is ‘Business Succession’?


You spend most of your time working in your business. But how much time have you recently spent thinking about how to protect the wealth that you are building in your business, or how to realise and pass this wealth on?

What is ‘Business Succession’?2019-01-15T10:01:38+09:30