‘UPEs’ and ‘FMDs’, and your estate planning

What is, and what is not, in your personal estate? This may sound like a academic question not worthy of a lot of thought. However, if you are in estate planning mode, it is critical that you answer this question correctly.

Can your partner change their Will after you die?

Just because you and your partner make ‘mirror Wills’ does not mean that your partner cannot change their Will (either before or after you die). Furthermore, your partner does not have an obligation to inform you if they do change their Will. Find out how to deal with these issues.

It’s official. Super isn’t part of your estate.

Your super doesn’t form part of your estate, and is not subject to the terms of your Will. It’s therefore critical to have in place appropriate arrangements to make sure your super ends up where you intend.

Separation and your estate planning

When you are separating for your spouse or partner, it’s easy to get bogged down in negotiations about your kids and dividing up your property. But don’t forget your estate planning – otherwise you may just end up leaving your former partner the biggest gift of them all.