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You’ve reached a point in your life when things are looking pretty good. The combination of your ability and real-world experience means you’re exerting a significant degree of control over your business, professional and personal life. You are objectively successful on many levels, but you also feel strongly that your best years still lie ahead of you.

In the early days you tried to do it all yourself – to carry the load and just get it done. This approach has got you to where you are today. But you now realise that your ability to go to the next level will be limited only by the quality of the people you surround yourself with. The quality of your inner team. You still want to make your own decisions, but you also want to gain different perspectives, consult with others, and be genuinely challenged.

The alternative is just to coast along, to remain within your own echo-chamber. If you don’t step-up the quality of your team, you are likely to miss good opportunities, or even stumble into avoidable setbacks.

Your lawyer has a key role to play in your continued success. There are a lot of people who will be happy to give you their view on ‘legal issues’, but there is no substitute for an experienced and battle-hardened legal practitioner when you are doing things that matter. Most of the world’s successful entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders openly acknowledge that getting a great lawyer on their team was a key ingredient to their success.

Andrew is not just focused on solving your immediate legal problem. He is your senior legal counsel. He holds strong opinions, often divergent perspectives, and is prepared to challenge you. Andrew will commit to you over the long term, and not just when things work out well. He will also stand by you when things get tough.

If you are ready to put an experienced legal professional on your team, then call Andrew on 1300 654 590 to kick things off.

Professional qualifications

Andrew holds Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Law from Adelaide University, as well as a Masters of Law (in Taxation and International Law) from Melbourne University. He is admitted to practice law in Australia and the United Kingdom and is admitted as a Notary Public in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

Andrew is a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA), a Fellow (and a founding member of the Adelaide Chapter) of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP), and a member of the Law Societies of NSW and SA.

Andrew regularly writes and presents on issues facing entrepreneurs, their businesses and their families.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023, Andrew was recommended as a leading tax lawyer by Doyles Guide.
Andrew is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law in New South Wales. Accredited Specialist in Business Law

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Andrew helps entrepreneurs build their businesses, and investors protect their wealth.


  • Taxation and Superannuation Law
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Business Succession and Estate Planning


Andrew has a broad skillset, based on a diversity of professional experience.

He has worked as a tax accountant (with a Big 4 firm), as a merchant banker (in structured finance with Macquarie Bank), and as a lawyer (in national and international practices in Australia and the United Kingdom). Since returning to Australia in 2001 he has run his own boutique law practice with offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

In the early part of his career, Andrew practiced law at the big end of town, as a tax specialist with an emphasis on corporate and international tax laws, (gaining experience in transactions impacting UK, US and Asian jurisdictions). He has also acted for the SA and NSW state governments (and instrumentalities) and several infrastructure funds, on structuring asset transactions (in ports, rail, regional infrastructure and asset fleets).

When at Macquarie Bank and Travers Smith (in London) Andrew gained exposure to several private equity funds and their transactions, including many cross-border deals (principally UK-Europe, UK-USA) and public market transactions (public-to-private and public offers). Andrew later gained firsthand experience in these areas as a significant shareholder and board member of a medical device company that raised private equity and was then listed on the ASX. He continues to apply this experience when advising entrepreneurs on capital raisings, and boutique funds managers on establishing pooled investment vehicles.

In addition to directorships with his own businesses, Andrew has acted as an independent director or company secretary on several boards, including for an international chain of furniture stores, a successful boutique winery in the Mornington Peninsula, a high-growth VC-backed international online retailing business, a large national charity, an outsourcing business in the Philippines, and a financial services business with its own ASIC licence.

These days Andrew applies his considerable technical skills and experience to assist a particular type of client: entrepreneurs and investors. These range from small start-ups, to major international businesses – with the common thread being an entrepreneur or family at the centre of the enterprise.

Business law

Andrew enjoys being involved in business. He has run his own legal practice since 2001, and holds significant long-term stakes in three other active businesses.

He knows what it feels like to commit funds to an uncertain venture, to bring in partners, and to raise capital from family, friends and the public. He has also experienced the not-so-pleasant activities of terminating someone’s employment, breaking up with business partners, disagreeing with a supplier, or suing someone to collect a debt.

Buying and selling businesses

The saying goes that a business is either growing or dying. Most people do not want to own a dying business, and certainly, nobody wants to buy one. Therefore, it is not enough to keep your business going, you need to keep it growing.

Most people naturally understand organic growth – which largely comes from marketing, product development and service innovation. However, fewer businesses, particularly SMEs, take advantage of the possibilities of growth through acquisition.

Andrew regularly advises both the buyers and sellers of businesses across a broad range of transaction values. He has particular expertise in transactions with a cross-border element, or involving a professional investor partner (e.g. private equity), where an understanding of pre-deal structuring and taxation considerations is key.

Private client and wealth succession

Most people spend a lot of time working and saving to provide for their family. But few spend enough time putting in place the necessary legal framework to protect this wealth, save tax, minimise disputes and ultimately set their family and future generations up for success.

Andrew advises families with businesses and farms on how to successfully pass their wealth between generations in a controlled manner. He is a regular presenter on this topic, both in our capital cities as well as regional areas.


Andrew has been advising on, writing about and presenting on superannuation laws since 1993. This enables him to bring a long-term perspective to the constant flow of change in this area. He can quickly identify the real threats and opportunities from new legislation and rulings, and provide a conservative path forward.

He provides advice across the full ‘superannuation lifecycle’ – how to get money into super, where and how you can invest, and how to access your savings in the most tax-effective manner in retirement and on death.

Capital raising and investment schemes

Andrew has experienced the capital raising process firsthand. Not just as an adviser, but also as an active participant. In 2004 he took a significant stake in a medical device company, raised capital from an established venture capital fund (2006), and then remained as a director during the company’s listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (2008).

Andrew also has firsthand experience navigating the opaque regime around establishing and then raising capital for investment funds. He was a founding director of a small ASIC licensed and regulated financial group (EA Financial), as well as a key-person on an ASIC licensed Responsible Entity (EA Financial Limited).

Andrew has drafted scheme documents for many small and medium-sized specialist excluded funds, as well as several larger MIS regulated funds. He can provide advice as to the raising and pooling of money in an unregulated manner, as well as assisting with the preparation of regulated Product Disclosure Statements and Prospectus.

Property and development

Property is often seen as a ‘store of wealth’, but it can also provide a vehicle for wealth generation through active development and management.

Andrew has worked with participants in the property sector for over 20 years. As well as holding his own unrestricted real estate agent’s licence for over 10 years, he was formerly a key-person on an ASIC Responsible Entity for a registered MIS that held a portfolio of commercial properties in southeast Queensland. He now acts for several medium-sized developers of broad-acre subdivisions and multi-storey buildings.

Structured finance

Andrew gained his experience in structured finance as an executive with Macquarie Bank, as well as in his roles as a tax adviser with Arthur Andersen, Clayton Utz and Johnson Winter & Slattery.

After returning to Australia in 2001 and establishing his own firm, he partnered with corporate advisers to provide advice on the taxation and accounting treatment of several state infrastructure projects (and PPPs), including the dredging of the South Australian port channel, the regional courts and police stations, the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre, the procurement of the new tram fleet, and the disposal of the Hunter Valley rail network to ARTC.

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