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Talk with a lawyer

Tell us what the problem is, and we’ll let you know how we can help. When you call you'll be put straight through to a great lawyer.


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We'll schedule an appointment to thrash out a concrete plan. With our plan you'll know what to expect from beginning to end.


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You and our team will then rally around and get things done. We'll work with you until your problem is completely solved.


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At the end of the day, you'll be set to move forward with confidence. No one should be held back by a legal problem.

What you can expect

We're in this business for the long term. We've already been around for over 18 years, and we intend to still be here guiding your family in another 80.

We take the time

We'll listen carefully to understand what you want to achieve. Then we'll thoroughly explain our advice and step you through the documents. You can be sure you'll know the full consequences.

We work as a team

Someone will always be available to answer your questions, or point you in the right direction. You will also benefit from a range of perspectives and experience.

Shared knowledge

One of our key goals is to pass on as much knowledge as we can, so you can make your own informed decisions. We want to make you truly independent.

We stick to our knitting

We only do what we're good at. You can be confident that we know what we're doing and won't pass on the cost of our learning.

Transparent pricing

For advice and documents, we provide a fixed or capped quote so you don’t take price risk. If you're in a dispute, we'll map out the process and costs so you know what to expect.

It's your show

We're not in this game for our egos. We're in it for a front row seat to witness your success.

Don't take our word for it

Almost all of our work is referred to us by our existing happy clients, or by other professionals who have seen us at work.

Andreyev Lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement and keep the matter out of court. It was a difficult process, but I was provided with timely guidance.

Estate claim against farming assets

Multi-generational farmer

Thank you for bringing my property settlement to an end. It's been a complex and arduous process, but I greatly valued your expertise and sympathetic approach.

Complex family law settlement

Spouse of business owner

Thanks for helping with my property dispute. I appreciate your fair and respectful approach when dealing with not only me but also the other parties. I believe this is a factor that assisted us all reach an agreement.

Commercial property dispute

High-net-worth investor

Things we can help you with

Find out more about the areas we can help you with.


Your business

We'll help you put in place a solid legal foundation for all your business dealings.

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Your wealth

We will help you build, manage and protect your wealth. Both now, and for future generations.

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Your life

If you are planning for retirement, getting your estate planning in order, or dealing with the death of a loved one, we're here for you.

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Getting divorced

We'll help get you the resources you deserve to be able to take back control of your life and move on with confidence.

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Your not-for-profit

We work with organisations that are committed to making the most impact with their available resources.

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Going to court

We'll help you honestly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position. Then we'll ensure you get what you deserve.

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Minimising your taxes

We will help you structure, document and then implement your deals in a tax-efficient way.

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Useful resources

Here we provide you with some useful resources to grow your business, manage your wealth and plan for your future.

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