Andreyev Lawyers first quarterly update 2023

It has been a busy start to the year for our team! As another quarter has come and gone, we thought we would share some of the highlights and updates:

Giving back to our community

Giving back to our community is one of our firm’s core values. This quarter, we have continued sponsorships and formalised new ones.We have really enjoyed throwing both our financial support and our networks behind the Women on Boards organisation in SA. We were proud to continue our sponsorship this year, with the first kick-off WOB Meet for 2023 at Electra House. If you are a woman on a board, looking to get on a board, or are curious about boards, we recommend coming along to these wonderful events. You can contact our team if you would like more information about WOB (SA).Our sponsorship of the Parndana Bowls Club was formalised with our lovely new sign going up. Some of our team members made the trip to Kangaroo Island last year to provide seminars on succession issues for locals on the Island (with a focus on business and farming families). It is a pleasure to continue supporting the community of KI with our commitment to the Bowls Club.The Parklands are unique to Adelaide and are close to our hearts, so we (via the Andreyev Foundation) are proud sponsors of the biennial Parklands Art Prize photography prize. Some of our team attended the 2023 Opening Night and got a first-hand opportunity to check out the diverse entries for this year.Finally, we continued our investment in up-and-coming new lawyers with our sponsorship of the Adelaide University Law Students Society Client Interviewing and Negotiations competitions for 2023. Several of our team members have participated in the competitions previously and have enjoyed coming back to the University to sit on the other side of the table and volunteer as judges. We are looking forward to participating in judging the grand finals in a couple of weeks. We are also continuing our sponsorship of the University of New South Wales Prize in Commercial Law this year.

Andreyev Lawyers goes truly social with the (re)launch of our Instagram page

We recently passed the reins to our Instagram account to one of our young ‘cool’ law clerks, and it’s already paying off! Ever wondered what we’re really getting up to during the day? Well, now you can see for yourself by visiting our Instagram account. Check it out for behind-the-scenes snippets and team updates. Be sure to follow us to see the updates in-real-time!

Lots more fresh content on our blog

There is plenty of fresh and informative content being uploaded regularly to our blog. Ranging from ‘rants’ from our founding principal Andrew, to long-form articles on the practical impact of recent law changes, there’s something for everyone!

Recent articles have featured the new Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in SAIP assignment issues for Founders and a warning to accountants about the recently reinvigorated Director Penalty Notice (DPN) regime – but there are plenty more on our website!If you love our content and want more, we have also been regularly featuring some of our popular blog posts over on our LinkedIn page.

Our team continues its steady growth

We were happy to welcome Lucy Bowler and Edward De Luca to our team and a special shout out to Nick Stevens who has re-joined the team after the trip of a lifetime driving his custom-fitted Toyota Troopy around Australia. Nick is also a keen photographer and you can check out some of Nick’s travel snaps here or on the @troopy.days Instagram page.Nick, Lucy and Ed have dived straight in and are supporting our team while they complete their Graduate Diplomas of Legal Practice.We also celebrated the admission of Sam Johnson, who is now one of our graduate solicitors. You can check out Lucy, Ed, Nick and Sam’s profiles on our website here.

Want to get to know the ‘people’ behind the ‘lawyers’: then tune in to our ‘Meet the Team’ series

Meet the amazing people behind our firm! Our team is our greatest (perhaps only!) asset, and we want to give you a chance to get to know them better. Follow us on Instagram and click through to check out our weekly profiles featuring one of our team members. You’ll be surprised by what you learn about their backgrounds, interests, and passions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the faces behind our success!

Christie & Associates Merger

As noted in our last newsletter, we achieved a significant firm milestone earlier this month with the merger of Christie & Associates into Andreyev Lawyers. We are pleased to be joining forces with the formidable Christie team. Click through to get to know Caroline and Harry Christie. You can check out our media release here. We were also excited to have the merger news featured in this month’s SA Law Society Bulletin as well as in Lawyers Weekly, where Andrew provided insights on managing cohesion between the newly joined teams and how we maintain a happy and healthy connection between our interstate offices.

Back to regular programming

We’ve been busy bees, and you’ve been along for the ride! That’s all the news for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with our updates and we look forward to our next update in a few months’ time.From the team at Andreyev Lawyers


The information contained in this post is current at the date of publishing – 11 April 2023.

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