My family has been in the farming industry for several generations. When my mother passed away, I was an executor and named beneficiary in her Will along with my two siblings. My mother left the majority of her assets to me, as my two siblings had been gifted farm assets during my mother’s lifetime. One of my siblings engaged a lawyer to seek a larger portion of what was left of the estate. My primary concern was that court proceedings would be commenced and the assets of my mother’s estate would be wasted in legal fees.

Andreyev Lawyers were supportive and empathetic throughout this process. They were able to negotiate a settlement with my sibling and keep the matter out of court. This was a difficult process but Andreyev Lawyers provided timely advice and guidance and I was confident that they were doing their utmost to uphold my mother’s wishes. I also appreciated the fact that I only had to attend one meeting at their office in the city and the rest of the negotiations were conducted via email and phone as I live in the country.

An Estate Dispute Client