Podcast Review: Rhonda Patrick with Satchin Panda on biological clocks

I have three main interests: business, flying and human physiology. This podcast relates to the third – physiology.

Dr Rhonda Patrick is a very cool academic. She focuses on biomedical science at the University of Tennessee. She also runs a site called ‘Found My Fitness‘, but she is anything but a fitness bore. Her interests are very wide-ranging, from brain health, physical performance, nutrition and wellbeing – in all cases she brings an academic and rigorous approach to the subject.

Once again, she is a long-form podcaster (meaning her interviews are usually between 1 and 2 hours long), and some of the material can be heavy going. But she does manage to bridge the gap between academia and mainstream – that has made her a hit on the life-hacking podcast scene.

I have heard her interviewed by others, and I have also listened to many of her podcasts. This one is a ripper.

In this podcast she interviews a researcher studying ‘biological clocks’ and the circadian rhythm – Dr Satchin Panda. This material has day-to-day application for all of us – how to sleep better, eat better and generally optimise things with nothing more than a better understanding of how important our body clocks are to our general overall health.

As a teaser – how would you like to lose 30% of your body fat and increase lean muscle mass – while not changing what or how much you eat – just when you eat…


Follow up podcast is also well worth a listen:


The information contained in this post is current at the date of publishing – 28 December 2017.

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