How a business communicates – whether internal or external, written or verbal – is an essential part of its culture and reputation.

Clients want to engage with businesses that have a consistent and high-quality branding. Staff want to work in an environment that fosters appropriate and professional communications.

The foundation of good business communication is a set of ground rules that make it clear what to do and, importantly, what not to do. Workplace policies are generally the most accessible and flexible medium for laying those ground rules, as they can be expanded and updated as needed.

Our gift to you is our Work Communications Policy, which is designed to be a set of fundamental rules for an SME to adopt internally to ensure that the quality of its communications is regulated.  Click on the link to download a copy of the Policy to adopt in your workplace today.

20160316 WorkCommunicationPolicy AndreyevLawyers (51.8 KB, 731 downloads)