I have been running my own small business for many years in western Sydney. I had the good fortune to work with Andreyev Lawyers closely on a complex taxation matter recently.  I was in an extremely vulnerable position financially, and at risk of a forced liquidation by the ATO.  I had been recommended their services by a business coach who I have worked with through the NSW Business Chamber.

My initial phone conversation with them was encouraging, and I immediately felt reassured.  Soon after my accountant and I met with them at their Sydney offices and we both felt that we were in safe hands.  They understood the complex legal issues involved, but they also understood my personal concerns and their approach was both caring and professional.

Over a long period of difficult negotiations which lasted months – a difficult and emotionally draining process for me – I consistently felt that my needs were considered as a priority.  They always communicated with me well, and my confidence stayed buoyant purely due to the genuine care and concern shown to me.  I was never embarrassed to ask questions or express any concerns I had throughout the process.

In the end, the matter was resolved and a brilliant outcome was achieved, which has restored my life and financial position.  I believe that this outcome was only achieved by the professional services of Andreyev Lawyers.

The ease of working with this organisation, their diligence and genuine care in obtaining the best outcome for their client is where they excel.  I have been in business for 33 years and, in my experience, it is rare to find this level of professional, genuine and human individuals to work with.  I am so grateful and can only sing their praises.

The outcome that they achieved for me was outstanding, and represented real value for the cost of their services.  From my experience and for reasons stated, I can in all good conscience highly recommend the services of Andreyev Lawyers.

Elizabeth Valek, Penrith, NSW