I live in New South Wales and my sister lives in Queensland. When our Mum died in South Australia her estate was very simple, so I wanted to see if we could do most of it ourselves.

I knew that probate in every state is different. The South Australian court documents have tricky wording and they seem to be very pedantic on certain things. My sister and I thought we’d try and lodge the probate forms ourselves.

I looked on the internet and found the Andreyev Lawyers website. I really liked their information and the DIY probate kit, which I downloaded. I called them and got a quote, and their costing was good compared to the other quotes we got so we were pleased.

I used the DIY probate kit to prepare the forms, and then we flew to Adelaide and met with Andreyev Lawyers to finalise the application. They were very friendly and calm, and they really helped us out. Their approach was really appreciated, especially at a time of grieving.

During the process, the South Australian courts changed all the probate forms! But Andreyev Lawyers helped us out with the new forms, and it all went smoothly.

We had a really good experience with Andreyev Lawyers, and we were happy with the costing.

Pamela Courtney, Naraweena, NSW