When we came across a particular problem, we knew we needed a lawyer and we came across Andreyev Lawyers on the internet. We have a lawyer friend who doesn’t do litigation work but he was able to check out Andreyev Lawyers’ terms and he told us their rates were reasonable.

Initially, I had a helpful lengthy discussion with Andreyev Lawyers over the phone. I then went and met with them, and found them quick to get a grasp of the facts and good at taking down all the details.

I was comfortable dealing with Andreyev Lawyers. Our lawyer was very good, easy to get on with and gave you the full details on everything. You could have a very honest discussion and they really did give you the bottom line on things.

It’s been a very emotional journey, but they guided us through all the correspondence and attended court on our behalf.

You know, you hear about cases where the lawyers are the ones that come out the best, but that was not the case here at all. I felt they really were trying to get us the best outcome, and they really did look after our best interests. I would recommend Andreyev Lawyers.

Nathalie McRae, Vale Park, SA