There had been significant changes to our accounting partnership over a number of years, and we needed documentation to show the changes.

Our structure is fairly complicated. Being accountants, we knew what we wanted and we just needed Andreyev Lawyers to put it in legal form. We gave Andreyev Lawyers a very broad brief initially, and then they came back with a quote and recommendations.

Andreyev Lawyers’ service was great – they were very helpful and met every expectation. They always responded really quickly and they certainly met all of our timeframes. They were also very diligent in following up and keeping the process going. And, most importantly, the documents they prepared were very good.

We were very satisfied with Andreyev Lawyers, and I would absolutely recommend them. In fact, I’ve already been in touch with them again for one of my clients.

Kym Howard, Sothertons Chartered Accountants, Adelaide, SA