After my father died, the people I had trusted took over our family trust and pushed me out. It was a very emotional time.

I’d had a terrible time dealing with other lawyers in Melbourne. It was awful. I was talked down to or I was asked how cashed up I was. It was a big thing finding the right lawyers. I did weeks of research before I found Andreyev Lawyers. I researched them, then flew from Melbourne to Adelaide to meet them.

When we met, they recommended a plan of action and we agreed on the approach. Their level of understanding of the case was brilliant, and they listened to my ideas and input. I felt that we developed a good bond.

For me personally, the biggest thing was being believed, especially after everything I had gone through. They made me feel really supported — there was a strong team around me, and I had their mobiles so I could call them if I needed to.

I believe that the team at Andreyev Lawyers are authentic people. They’re not just in it to make money, they genuinely want to help you. They will offer you the appropriate advice as well and tell you if they recommend that you don’t go the way that you have been thinking.

Even when we went to court, I knew that I could trust them to run the matter properly. I could unload and know that they were going to take care of me. In the end, I had a really good experience and a really good outcome. They’re worth every penny.

Violet Spasevski, Point Cook VIC