I was recommended to Andreyev Lawyers by my financial planner after I separated from my ex-wife. I had offered what I thought was a fair settlement, but my ex made it difficult and we ended up in court.

Andreyev Lawyers tried to expedite everything as quickly as possible. They treated me well and there was no unnecessary rubbish, so I was happy with the service.

At court, we won on every point; it was fantastic. My ex ended up with even less than I offered in the first place.

Lawyers are a necessary evil, but they were nice, gentle and professional. It was an emotional time, but Andreyev Lawyers know how to treat their clients well, and sincerely.

I’m going to have a seachange now and buy a business, and I will be getting Andreyev Lawyers to help with that.

Steve Brittain, Freshwater, NSW