I had been made executor of my mother’s will which had been written by estate planning specialists. When my mother died, I phoned their office and spoke to a couple of people there, but I found their responses very unhelpful. They just did not seem interested in assisting me.

This was in complete contrast with Andreyev Lawyers.

I found Andreyev Lawyers on the internet, and I thought their website had a lot of useful information about the probate process. I was impressed so I called them and set up a meeting.

Because we were dealing with a rural primary-producing property, it was always going to be complicated. There were issues with water quotas, allowances and co-leases which required us to deal with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

I’m very pleased with Andreyev Lawyers. I was extremely happy with the process and their common-sense approach. They ensured that both probate and the subsequent property sale were straightforward. It was important to have someone reliable and level-headed to turn to during a very difficult time.

They’re wonderful people and have done a wonderful job all the way through. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andreyev Lawyers to anyone.

Michael Georgeff, Bellevue Heights SA