I’m an accountant but I have other business interests too, so I guess you could say that I’m not a typical accountant. Well, Andreyev Lawyers are not typical lawyers, either!

I’ve used Andreyev Lawyers on several different matters, and I’m really pleased with their services. Their advice is practical and they get the job done very efficiently.

The other part I appreciate is that they can deal with interstate matters, as they have an office in both Adelaide and Sydney — that’s important for me and my client base.

I like that I can give Andreyev Lawyers a call and tell them the situation, off the cuff, and say ‘What do you think?’, and they can tell me in 5 seconds whether it’s worth pursuing or not. As a professional adviser, that is very valuable to me.

Juen Phie, P&Y Partners Chartered Accountants, Adelaide SA