When I took over the company about 2 years ago, Andreyev Lawyers was one of the corporate law teams that was engaged in Australia by CPP at the time.

Andreyev Lawyers was one of the few relationships that we retained, and the only corporate lawyers that we retained. Why? They are quick to respond and deliver the right information.

Andreyev Lawyers helped us in the beginning to get a very engineering-focused group together in Australia from a legal perspective. They initially helped us decide on the best structure through which to set up in Australia, then assisted with the legal aspects of things like securing a property and building our wind-tunnel testing facility. They also assisted with engaging local employees and directors, as well as more recently updating and tailoring our company constitution.

Andreyev Lawyers are very good at communicating our corporate responsibilities, as well as our directors’ personal liabilities.

We normally correspond by email and have a couple of conference calls a year, and it works very well for us. I would highly recommend them.

Oliver Napp, CEO, CPP Wind Engineering & Air Quality ConsultantsColorado, USA