‘Probate’ is the official recognition by the Supreme Court that a Will is legally valid.  You may need to get a ‘Grant of Probate’ before you can legally deal with any assets under a deceased person’s Will

A ‘Grant of Probate’ is a document which certifies that the Supreme Court recognises that the document presented is the last valid Will of the deceased, and that the executors now have the authority to deal with the estate assets and liabilities.

A Grant of Probate also acts as further proof of death of the deceased for the purposes of dealing with third parties, such as banks, share registries and the Lands Titles Office.

A Grant of Probate allows the Executors to:

  • Collect the deceased person’s assets;
  • Pay any debts of the deceased; and then
  • Distribute the leftover estate to beneficiaries as directed by the Will.

If you have been appointed as an executor under a Will, we can help you with any questions you have about making a Probate Application.  Please phone us on 1300 654 590 and we will be happy to assist.

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