This VideoPost is a five part series on how to buy or sell a business.  It was recorded at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Sydney in July 2013.

Each of the five parts lasts for about 12 minutes, giving a total viewing time of around 60 minutes.

View a copy of the slides for this seminar.

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What is this VideoPost about?

Do you own a business that you are looking to sell one day?

Have you thought about taking over someone else’s business?

Do you advise people about these issues?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then this VideoPost is for you.

In this VideoPost we provide practical guidance to the key issues, including:

  • What does the purchase/sale process involve – from start to finish?
  • How should I address the issue of ‘value’?
  • What are the real differences between an ‘asset sale’ and an ‘equity sale’?
  • If I am buying or selling, how should the deal be structured, and what am I missing out on if I do not get my way?
  • What if I am only buying/selling part of a business – what are the implications?
  • What documents are involved, and what key terms should I be looking for?
  • How do post-acquisition adjustments work under either an asset or entity sale?
  • How are ‘due diligence’ and ‘warranties’ related?
  • What happens to employees and their entitlements?
  • If I am providing or receiving vendor funding, how should it be structured?
  • Should I be giving/getting a ‘restraint of trade’, for how long, and do they really hold up?
  • Where do things go wrong?

This VideoPost provides a mix of broad commercial principles, as well as some detail around the key legal issues you should be thinking about.