This VideoPost is a six part series on practical asset protection strategies for entrepreneurs and their businesses.  It was recorded at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sydney in April 2013.

Each of the six parts lasts for about 10 minutes, giving a total viewing time of around 60 minutes.

View a copy of the slides for this seminar here.

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What is this VideoPost about?

For many SMEs the value you are building in your business represents your nest egg for retirement.  The difficulty you face is that the place where you are building your wealth is also the place where you are exposed to the most risk.  If you do not manage this conflict you risk throwing away the fruits of your hard work.

What are the chances of something going wrong?  Unfortunately, much higher than you may care to think about.

Learn about the three tiers of effective asset protection: Operational, Contractual and Structural.  In this VideoPost we discuss how to incorporate these strategies into your day-to-day routine to:

  • Minimise the chances of something unexpectedly going wrong; and
  • Maximise the chances of your financial survival if something does go wrong.

Listen to our views on issues such as:

  • Identifying key internal and external risks to your SME;
  • Setting the ground rules with your customers and clients;
  • Effectively managing your employees and business partners;
  • Setting up your business and investment structures to withstand attack;
  • Using debt as a ‘shield’; and
  • How effective your ‘man of straw’ defence is in the context of current bankruptcy laws.