We always thought it would be very expensive to get our “home grown” Business Terms of Supply drafted by a lawyer – until we started seeing a rise in overdue accounts during the global financial crisis. That’s when we realised it was costing us more… much more… by not getting professional advice.

Andreyev Lawyers suggested a modular approach – firstly, the general Terms of Supply that apply to all clients; secondly, a set of carefully worded “Proposals” that relate to specific products or services; and finally, a Credit Application for new clients to drive home the point they have an obligation to pay their bills.

As it turned out, the cost of preparing these documents was a lot less than we thought and also resulted in some unexpected benefits…

  • It made us focus on what we do and how we do it – we now have a definitive list of services and find it easier to sell more to clients simply because our own people are more aware of everything we offer.
  • We now have an even more structured approach to preparing proposals and this has saved us a lot of time.
  • The modular approach makes it easy to add additional conditions when the product/service mix changes.
  • Our clients are now clear about how we operate, there are less misunderstandings, and they accept that they also have responsibilities to fulfil whenever we undertake a project on their behalf.

The process we went through with Andreyev Lawyers was extremely worthwhile – and the outcome has been brilliant.

The Terms of Supply have provided a solid foundation to underpin future growth and, of course, peace of mind knowing we are protected from liability if anything should ever go wrong. We couldn’t be happier with Andrew Andreyev and his Team.

Trevor Ainsworth, Director, Pact IT Solutions, Thebarton SA