As an accounting firm which has a joint venture with a financial planning practice, we have been very pleased to have Andrew present seminars to both our clients and our professional team members.

We have found Andrew’s presentations invaluable in helping our clients protecting their assets, both in their lifetime and leaving the control of assets to the people of their choice upon their death.

In Andrew’s presentations, he is able to call upon his experiences to provide numerous real life examples which listeners can readily relate to.

Andrew combines an excellent knowledge of the law (including advanced qualifications in taxation law) with a genuine passion for helping clients.

Andrew is able to quickly identify the legal issues in specific situations and give clients choices to enable them to optimise their specific circumstances.

As accountants, Andrew has helped many of our clients by putting the important “finishing touches” to particular strategies.

We have no doubt that after hearing his presentation, financial planners will realise many of their clients can benefit from tapping into Andrew’s expertise.

Hans Van Heuven, Partner, Symes Accountants (Gawler, In-house and Client Seminars)