We offer a comprehensive range of professional services to businesses looking to establish a presence in the Australian market.

We offer the following professional services to businesses looking to establish a presence in Australia:

  • Australian business formation
  • Local branch representation
  • Professional directorships of both holding and operating companies
  • Corporate regulatory compliance
  • In-bound taxation and corporate structuring
  • Executive remuneration structuring and negotiation
  • Local and international executive equity/share plans

We also provide advice on using Australia as a regional or international holding jurisdiction, particularly for US-owned technology and internet enterprises.

The processes involved

Our process involves the following steps:

  • Initial scoping of requirements and provision of fee quote
  • Client due diligence enquires and agreement to engagement terms
  • Detailed advice on the statutory requirements of establishing a business presence in Australia
  • Detailed advice on an appropriate business structure for operations in Australia
  • Business structure and entity formation, including relevant statutory filings
  • Appointment of auditors (if required), including negotiation of terms
  • Adaptation of standard business documentation (including supply terms) to the Australian legal regime
  • Adoption of standard corporate governance principles and director indemnity scope and terms
  • Executive remuneration negotiation, structuring and appointment, including comprehensive employment terms that comply with relevant statutory requirements
  • Implementation of ongoing monitoring and reporting framework
  • Compulsory monitoring and reporting – solvency, banking and statutory filings
  • Optional monitoring and reporting – business performance KPI, key executive KPIs, industry developments
  • Mergers and acquisitions implementation
  • Full and seamless integration with qualified accountants, auditors, migration agents, IT providers and recruitment consultants

Our services

We provide advice and assistance with identifying and meeting all relevant statutory requirements.

We can assist you optimise your business operations in Australia, addressing issues such as:

  • Business entity formation and registration
  • Local directorships, of both holding companies and operating companies
  • Local executive remuneration structuring, including complying and non-complying equity plans
  • Business funding (foreign and local debt and equity considerations)
  • Establishing and operating local banking facilities
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Business Activity Statement compliance
  • Compliance with taxation laws and regulations
  • Repatriation of profits

Please phone Andrew Andreyev on 1300 654 590 (int-618-7123-2178) to discuss your requirements, or email him at andrew@andreyev.com.au.